Panda Paws Healing with Hounds was established in 2018 by Pandora Chippindall, and is the first Animal Assisted Therapy programme utilising dogs (greyhounds specifically), in the mid north coast and northern rivers of New South Wales. Pandora’s inspiration for starting Pandas Paws Healing with Hounds came from her own dog Hudson, who developed a wonderful bond with her retired neighbour Jim. Hudson would visit Jim daily for an hour or so keeping him company as he worked in his shed or did the gardening, this special relationship resulted in Hudson’s treats being on Jim’s weekly shopping list! Thus, the vision for Pandas Paws Healing with Hounds was born: To create a business that’s primary purpose is to utilise the unique bond that exists between humans and dogs to provide a genuine empathetic therapy service. 

“The best therapist has fur and four legs.”


With this in mind, Pandora has created Pandas Paws Healing with Hounds with programmes adapted to support and enrich a wide variety of clients providing a service that promotes a genuine connection, delivered with respect and empathy. Pandora has had formal training in animal assisted therapy dog handling, Counseling skills and Lifeline crisis support and is a registered NDIS provider. The programmes can be delivered in many different formats, from one on one at a client’s home, group activities in the outdoors and visits to workplaces for team building and workplace wellness programmes. The Panda’s Paws Healing with Hounds team are innovative and creative working with you to create the perfect package that is as individual as you!

“Patting, scratching and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.”

Dean Koontz

Animal assisted therapy has proven, effective results and positive outcomes for a multitude of conditions; including: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, ASD, Social anxiety, Behavioural Issues and many more mental health conditions. With their gentle nature and kind souls, Pandora has seen the enormous potential of rescued greyhounds to start a new purpose filled life as therapy dogs. Greyhounds by nature are a calm breed that have a sensitive soothing nature that is equally happy to walk along side you or sit with you providing the unconditional companionship and support that is so often sought. Pandora’s personal belief in the multifaceted benefits of animal assisted therapy has developed the company’s ethos of:

“Rescue dogs – Rescue people”

Pandora Chippindall