Why Greyhounds

Why Greyhounds? Why not

Like many people, greyhounds are often misunderstood.

For many years, greyhounds were only ever seen on racing tracks, wearing racing muzzles, which covered their delicate faces, and hid their gentle natures.

More recently, re-homing retired greyhounds has been possible, and word has got out – what wonderful dogs greyhounds really are.

Off the track, a greyhound’s temperament is known as affectionate, intelligent, quiet and gentle. Some would even say sloth-like!

They generally romp around for short bursts and then turn back into couch potatoes, snuggling up with their favourite human.

They’re compliant, and their laid-back nature helps them adapt quickly to a new lifestyle.

Most greyhounds are naturally well mannered, sensitive, and often quirky.

With gentle re-training, the dogs are more than ready to spend their lives bonding with caring humans.

At Panda’s Paws Healing with Hounds, we have adopted 4 retired racers: The two boys are Darcy and Ghost, and the two girls are Pepper and Florence.

Our dogs are sweet-natured, loving, and highly intuitive to how our clients are feeling.

With soulful eyes and a cuddly thigh nudge, the dogs tell you how much it means to just be with you.

Rescue dogs = Rescue People