In a rapidly changing world, the modern office environment can be a very fast-paced and challenging place. Our Workplace Wellness programs are designed to help manage stress and to promote the overall health and wellbeing of the entire workforce. We strive to collaborate with employers who are dedicated to find effective ways to ensure the welfare of their employees.

Benefits to therapy dogs at work

There are many benefits of having therapy dogs at work and all our sessions help to relieve anxiety, reduce stress levels and improve emotional well-being. 

Our main goal is to enable a connection between the employees and the dogs, as they take a break from their duties to engage and give their mind and bodies a break. The result of the interaction is known to improve both physical and mental health, reducing stress and blood pressure. 

Why greyhounds are the best dogs for therapy work

Therapy dogs are known to be extremely loving; unconditionally and without judgement. Unlike overly anxious or hyperactive dogs, greyhounds are renowned for having a gentle, docile, relaxed and sensitive nature. 

There is a general and unquantifiable sense of peace and tranquility that comes over a room when a greyhound is present. Even if the dogs are just seated, it changes the energy in the room. This means they’re particularly well suited to the workplace wellness programs as just their presence is calming.

Bespoke sessions to suit your needs

We ensure that our dog therapy sessions are bespoke every time; individually designed according to the type of workplace and number of employees.

Typical workplace wellness activities are often weather dependent, require time out of the office, or where you need to change into different clothes. Frustratingly, they can be difficult to plan and can be costly – especially when time is money. The convenience of our wellness programs are delivered within the workplace itself, helping to make your life easier. Programs can be rolled out when it suits you; this could be over a day, a week, or even when people are having a lunch break etc. 

Depending on the size of the team, most workplaces prefer sessions to be conducted over an hour or two, but time can be allocated depending on what we need to achieve. With longer sessions such as a half or full-day, programs can be a little more adventurous and incorporate team building exercises.

Our programs are also not limited to operating within a particular area of the workplace. Depending on your space and individual requirements, we can run activities inside or out; always respecting personal space.

Regardless of the time we have, activities can range from walking and petting the dogs, to just having them there for people to engage with.

What else is involved in the process before we come out?

Before we arrive, we conduct a site visit to meet with you and can even complete a thorough risk assessment. This ensures we adhere to all work health and safety requirements and puts your mind at ease. We are very respectful of covid safe workplaces and can help to provide hand sanitiser and ensure distance is kept between participants.

It is important to note that all of our dogs are up-to-date with vaccinations and are regularly vet checked. We keep them clean and we don’t use any perfumes on them that might contain allergens that may affect highly sensitive people.

Recently completed workplace wellness programs

Recently we ran a Workplace Wellness program at the Coffs Harbour Centrelink call centre. Dubbed ‘Darcy Day’, staff loved having one of our most popular greyhounds as a special guest at work. Being the second largest call center in Australia, they are always very busy. Despite this, staff were very receptive and delighted to have a furry friend at work for a day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Kind words from the staff about Darcy Day