Programs specifically designed for you

Together with the Pandas Paws team we shape a plan that is as individual as you. 

Social outings

Some of our clients want to broaden their social experiences, but may find it hard to take the first steps of leaving the security of their homes.

With the wiggly welcome of Pepper, Florence, Ghost or Darcy, what better reason to step outdoors?

Come for a coffee, go for a walk on a beach or around the scenic Jetty area… we can tailor your day to suit just you.

If leaving home feels too challenging at this stage, we can bring one of the greyhounds to your place, to brighten up your day in the greyhound way!

The crew will show you it’s okay to start out slowly – they will be with you each step of the way.

Appointments, Court

Experiencing anxiety about attending appointments, you can take Darcy along with you.

He is a Registered Therapy Dog in NSW, and there’s not many places he can’t go!

Are you due in court? Walking into a Courthouse can evoke strong emotions – but with Darcy at your side, you may feel calmer and less anxious about what’s ahead.

Does going to medical, specialist appointments, or to Centrelink feel all too much sometimes?

The gentle nature of the hounds can help with that. Each dog is trained to sit or lay down during appointments, so you can focus on why you’re there.

The possibilities of individual support are just about endless.

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